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Below are the contact details of the Sutton-on-the-Forest Parish Council if you need to contact someone regarding a council matter.
N.B. In the first instance please could all contact be through the Parish Clerk.

Thank you.


Parish Clerk: Sue Bracewell
The Herriots
6 Maple Croft
Huby YO61 1JQ
01347 810148
07866 592820


Councillor Tony Prowde
01347 811058
07808 796689

Councillor Ben Knighton
Manor Park Farm, Carr Lane
07881 942759

Councillor Bob Shearman
Beech House, Carr Lane
01347 811264

Councillor Don Rankin
5 The Gowans
01347 810995
07793 059501

Councillor Rhona McMeekin
Seniors Cottage, Main Street
01347 811428
07709 216669

Councillor Robert Barry
The Fold Yard, Main Street
01347 811790
07823 334640