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Film Club Update

Of course, there is nothing to update you beyond the hope that it won’t be long before we can all sit together again and enjoy the pleasures of cinema. Film has been a constant source of enjoyment for Therese and I, ever since we met. Our first date was in the cinema. So many years ago, but now we are both very concerned about the future of film on the big screen. Watching at home is convenient but it is nothing like a night out at the pictures.

However, we have found plenty to watch this last year and we thought we’d share recent films and series which we have liked.


This five-part French series is a perfect piece of escapism. A retelling of the classic story of Arsene Lupin, master thief and gentleman. In this version he sets out to avenge the death of his father at the hands of his arrogant and wealthy employer. It is beautifully shot in Paris and the main role is played very charmingly.

The White Tiger
Based on Aravind Adiga’s Booker winning novel of 2008, it follows the life of a poor but wily driver who claws his way out of the cage created by caste and servitude. It captures modern life in India in a way that few films do.

The Dig
Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes star in story of the Sutton Hoo excavation.  Wealthy landowner Edith Pretty employs a local man, Basil Brown, to excavate the mounds on her land. He not only has a nose for it but he is also a self-educated archaeologist who masterminds the incredible find.

The Trial of Chicago 7
Aaron Sorkin’s film about the 1968 riots and subsequent trial of the men accused of conspiring to provoke the violence. It is a timely film and the court scenes are intense and involving.

The Life Ahead
Starring Sophia Loren playing, at 86, a former sex worker and holocaust survivor, who cares for an orphan child. A moving and superb performance from Loren.

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The Perfect Candidate
A Saudi film about young female hospital doctor resisting the heavy weight of patriarchy and prejudice. She sets out to improve her hospital by canvassing for her own election as a local councillor.  Really interesting to see a film from this part of the world.

Mr Jones
James Norton plays the Welsh journalist who struggles to persuade the world to believe his story about the horrific Ukrainian famine in 1933. Stalin’s deliberate policy of removing grain left the whole population to starve – at least 3 million died. A sad and shocking tale, very well told.


It’s a sin
Russel T Davies account of the Aids crisis in London. The series follows the lives of 3 gay men and their close friend Jill in a time when many people saw the disease as a just punishment for being homosexual. Although the series is tragic, it also captures the fun and enthusiasm of a group of young people starting their lives.

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Winter Walks
A series of walks through Yorkshire in the company of the poet laureate, Simon Armitrage, Saturday Live presenter Rev. Richard Coles and others. A calming half hour reminding us what a beautiful country we live in.

If you haven’t discovered this compelling French police drama, you’ve got eight series to immerse yourselves in. It follows the work of a murder squad led by Laure Berthaud and Gilou, her right-hand man in the gritty Parisian suburbs. Very French and very compulsive.