Film Club

The Village Hall Committee approached us to see if we would like to start a village film club. As film enthusiasts, we did not hesitate. We now show films once a month..

Initially we used our own rather ancient equipment but now that the hall has been equipped with a full size screen and excellent sound system the quality has improved markedly.

The films are shown on a Tuesday or Thursday evening at 8pm but the doors open at 7.30 for a drink from the bar before we get started. Entrance is by donation on the door at £3 per head.

Members can also buy entrance for 12 films for £24.

The programme is fixed on a seasonal basis and we keep members up to date by email. So, if you would like to join, just let us have your email.

Contact Jeremy and Therese Comfort at or Tel: 01347 810252

Sutton on the Forest Film Club Autumn Programme

Tuesday 24th September
Stan & Ollie

Stan and Ollie movie posterThis sweet, sad film is about a little-known final chapter in the lives of comedy legends Stan Laurel (Steve Coogan)and Oliver Hardy (John C Reilly). In 1952, at a low point professionally, out of fashion in the United States, their relationship under stress and needing money, they took on a British tour, sometimes to painfully sparse audiences. Jon S Baird’s feature appears fictionally to conflate the tour with the wintry mood of later UK tours when Stan and Ollie’s health and career worries had escalated further. It has a persuasive feel for this twilight of the comedy gods.

Tuesday 22nd October
Woman at War

Woman at War movie poster

Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir is brilliant in this jet-black comedy about a woman fighting to save the planet and adopt a child at the same time.

We open amid the breathtaking beauty of rural Iceland, Here, an eco-warrior battling big industries fires an arrow over a power line, causing electricity cuts and short-circuiting government plans to build a new aluminium smelter.  Along with saving mother Earth, Halla is also in the process of attempting to adopt a child, a lengthy procedure brought to an unexpected head when a Ukrainian orphan finds herself in dire need of a home. (Guardian)

Tuesday 19th November
Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs movie poster

Isle of Dogs is a delight: funny, touching and full of heartfelt warmth and wit.
With breathtaking visuals and an uncanny eye for canine behaviour, it transposes the kid-friendly charm of the Incredible Journey to the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Mad Max.
Wes Anderson conjures shelters made from multicoloured bottles and used sake cans in which our fantastically empathetic canines take refuge. For all the disease and hardship, this is a wonderful world, full of characters in whom we can invest our trust, sympathy and love. (Guardian)