Oil Co-operative

Are you interested in paying less for your Heating Oil? 

Heating oil delivery, nozzle placed into oil tank to refill - in a residential propertyThe Sutton on the Forest and Huby Oil Cooperative is open to anyone living in either of these two villages and run on a purely voluntary basis by local residents.

Interested to join the community Oil Cooperative, or would like to know more?

Drop me an e-mail:  Chris Franklin – suttonhubyoil@aol.com

Your Main Benefits when becoming a member.

  • Get a great price, because we are part of the same buying cooperative, with the strength of our collective volume of oil ordered each year we are able to negotiate a great price.
  • Simple to order, you just place an order when you wish on the phone or via the web portal each time you need oil. (some restrictions apply December)
  • Reliable service.
  • Normal payment terms apply for the Oil supplier, and with a few exceptions, cooperative members will normally receive an invoice and pay after delivery with our current supplier.

How does it work?

The Oil Cooperative has moved away now from the bi-monthly tender and quote process, which achieved great prices but had the problem of members not always being able to order when THEY wanted to.

When you are an Oil Cooperative member you will be sent the necessary details on how you can order, supplier details and payment arrangements with the supplier.

Please note that government weights and measures rule restrict suppliers to only deliver oil orders which are at least 500 litres or more. For those requiring oil additive, then this can also be ordered at the same time.

No obligation, members can order via the Oil Cooperative or privately, whenever they prefer.

The Oil Cooperative operates solely in the interests of its members and regularly reviews the scheme during the year, using the feedback given by its members, and monitoring the oil price versus cost to supplier.