Huby & Sutton Gardening Club

gardenWe have 90 members, about half and half Sutton and Huby and have a good turnout at meetings so there’s bound to be somebody there you know. The meetings alternate between the Sutton Village Hall and the Huby Chapel, usually on the fourth Wednesday of the months September-April at 7:45pm. In addition to members (£8 for the year) visitors are most welcome (£2.50 per meeting). Refreshments are served after the talks. Watch out for the posters in Sutton (Church, Village Hall, Chestnut trees and central telephone pole) and Huby (Village Hall notice board, outside the shop and the Chapel).

Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 7:45pm
‘Designing small gardens’
Keeley Metcalfe
at The Grey Village Hall, Sutton-on-the-Forest

Wednesday 28 March 2018 at 7:45pm
‘Euphorbias and Spring flowering perennials’
Don Whitton
at Huby Chapel

Contact Derek Jacobs (810208) for more information.